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Good morning folks. When it comes to the online world of Runescape, recent reports say that several players have been banned for the use of macro scripts. These macro scripts are commonly used for high algh for example, a one time click for all potions being triggered within the second and more.

Sadly, recently an update was being pushed through to the Runescape server that is going to prevent to let you use any macro scripts. You see nothing, you can just do anything you do on a normal base on Runescape, but the script counts the amount of time. Are you busy for a long time with macros? then there is a slight chance that you could pick you out the list and checking if you would be legit or not.

If you would have any other recent bans before, it would be a closing of your character. But, macro’s are also being used for other things that do NOT go against the TOS of Runescape. It’s more of a wild gamble and it makes their mission quite pointless if they want to play police officer themselves. It means that its fail system of preventing macro is still not working as it should be working.

A few years ago, when the nuke dropped on Runescape, upon the revealing of project ClusterFlutterer, Jagex stated that over 1.5 million bots had been recently banned. Due to the complex nature of the game update, the update was finished 2 hours and 37 minutes after the countdown timer reached 0, resulting in the game being offline for approximately 1 hour and 7 minutes while Jagex updated and tested their systems.

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To celebrate, Jagex had created the following events:

  • Tuesday: Triple experience for training Slayer. (This effect did not stack with Dragon Slayer Gloves.) Along with that, specific monsters, such as Fire giants and Steel dragons, respawned at a much faster rate (as if the world was full)
  • Wednesday: Triple tickets from Castle Wars.
  • Thursday: Bonus experience from certain Distractions and Diversions.
    • Penguin Hide & Seek: double points*
    • Evil Tree: triple experience
    • Shooting Star: triple experience and increased reward
    • Familiarisation: receive both charm and ingredients reward*
  • Friday: Triple zeal from Soul Wars

* Indicates that the D&D will be reset on the day if already done for the week. Players can spy on all penguins on the day they reset (Wednesday), and then again on Thursday, which will give them double points. This will give them a maximum potential of 48 points in 2 days (16 on Wednesday and 32 on Thursday due to double points). This is two points below the maximum cap of 50.

If there would be a new event coming up to get rid of every bot in the game to be banned we don’t know, but we do know that thanks to this system, 1.5M accounts were banned.


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