Warner Bros gaming division for sale

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who hasn’t heard from it yet? If you didn’t already know, Warner Bros.’ gaming division is actually on sale right now. Priced at around a whopping $4 billion dollars, the division certainly doesn’t come cheap, and so only a handful of mega publishers have shown interest. As previously reported, the likes of Microsoft, Activision, and Take-Two have apparently been sniffing around if they would have been interested or not but it seems clearly that EA games are going to chuck their gambling skills and hope for the best.

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It would also mean it would gobble up valuable IP like Mortal Kombat, plus presumably licensing rights to LEGOHarry PotterGame of ThronesBatman, and many more. Whether this acquisition will happen or not, who knows. What would happen with all the games they have released? well, we don’t know but what we do know is that thanks to the COVID19 outbreak, that a lot of small companies but also big companies will fall. Even our store in our city where we normally would buy some nifty goodies for your computer does it now only show 2 closed doors.


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