We love to support

GamingHQ supports clans, legions, Gaming communities, Developers and even our own crew members with games, in-game currency or gifts that can be given away towards their members. These communities and teams are found randomly or because we got invited by them, even they know that we might not come back as we only played the game for review purposes. As a thank you from gamingHQ itself, we provide them several free contents that they can use for their community or game.

We mostly support these communities and team with the following content

  • Goldpacks/bonds/VIP ( in-game object for premium services )
  • Discord Nitro
  • Free Games
  • Steam gift card
  • Game App Translations
  • WordPress Plugin Translations

We are supporting the following teams/clans/legions/developers

We support
Touch of Dutch

The touch of Dutch is an online community for rust players. We as gamingHQ offered to take over their game server as a contribution to keep the community alive.

We support
Karma Knights

Karma knights, The true gamers community who love the game Runescape! We provide them twice a year several bonds to be given away in their community.

We support

Youtuber NGUBlueFox, Gamer and deejay. We provide our support by sharing his uploads towards the community itself. U should check him out for sure!

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We support
Twitch streamer

Twitch streamer FinlayDaG33k is also our crew member. We provide him with donations as well for several games on a yearly base for reviewing purposes. Check him out today!

We support
Twitch streamer

Twitch streamer YsaneGamingTV, We provide him once a year with a game to be reviewed for the community. Check him out!

We support
Game: idle miner tycoon

Idle miner tycoon – We support Kolibri games by offering Free lifetime support of Game translation into Dutch.

We support
Game: Catan universe

Catan universe, We provide exozet with a free lifetime support in-game translations into Dutch for Catan universe