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We love to support other communities

GamingHQ supports clans, legions, Gaming communities, Developers and even our own crew members with games, in-game currency or gifts that can be given away towards their members. These communities and teams are found randomly or because we got invited by them, even they know that we might not come back as we only played the game for review purposes. As a thank you from gamingHQ itself, we provide them several free contents that they can use for their community or game.

We mostly support these communities and team with the following content

  • Goldpacks/bonds/VIP ( in-game object for premium services )
  • Discord Nitro
  • Free Games
  • Steam gift card
  • Game App Translations
  • WordPress Plugin Translations
Our love towards these communities

Karma Knights - A Closed Clan

The community is providing the Karma knights with several bonds during some of the Double XP weekends. These Bonds are donated from the community for the players of karma knights. The karma knights are active in Runescape and is not joinable by request. This community is a closed community for friends only and is most likely one of the few clans that still exsists after day one of the clan system releases.

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Rust - Touch of Dutch

Touch of Dutch was an older community that went before under the name of flying dutch. Sadly, after several months, the server got less populated but the community wanted to keep it alive. After since the support, we obtained the server and merged it with the community. Together, we stand stronger.

Archeage - The rebellion

The rebellion was a active clan in the online world of Archeage. After several years, the clan slowly seperated after a long time of being active. We provided them with several free content of Archeage and let them know when there was an upcoming event or update. Besides that, we had an awesome pricelist of The packs that could be made with the trading system on archeage, but even that might not be up to date anymore.

We hope to see them back online again.