What direction should rust take? ( Rust review )

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Before reading this mass post, please be informed that I’m a new player and not knowing the whole history behind the rust versions and such. Please, if I mentioning something wrong or its not related to something that I described, please correct me. Together we stand stronger as I always say.

I’m here to share my suggestions how I would see the game ”rust” going into more potential value then it as now. As for now, I see that the game is awesome to be played. But when there are low users on a server, the ”raiding” part becomes the death of a server that tries its best to earn its own spot in the list. For example, when you as a server owner encounters a sheet metal load of lag peaks, freezes sometimes an ip change would work. The bad side, people who connect the manual way by console won’t be able to rejoin.

3th party websites such as battlematrecs is something that you could use as a website owner for your clan, community and such. Letting your players aware of the IP change or an added way to enter your server. However, the raiding is not one thing that finds me annoying. For example, when I started playing rust a month ago ( yes, I’m a proud little nub <3 ) I got raided 24 hours after I build up my first house on a server that was no way to be active. My first feeling.. meh, let’s play COD again.

After 2 days, I realized that this game is just a game and I give it a second chance. By following some awesome tips on youtube such from oblivion or shadowfraxx. It made the game more playable for me again as there is much to discover. But, as I spoke of ”low populated servers” I wanted to share some ideas that could make the game playable in more possible ways.


The items ingame we already have, are basic items we most using in-game. A locker for your clothing and preset up of your loadout, a chest that you can put everything in and if we didn’t talk about the fridge yet for our food. Its the big deal for everyone to have a fridge. Sadly, there is no Heineken in the game to be placed in the fridge. Not that we need it ofc.

What I do miss is a lot of more potential objects that we could build. No more level one workbenches, level 2 workbenches or level 3. I’m talking about the true deal with creating a player base and crafting the needed stuff to improve it. I also must admit that these workbenches are added a way to fast and that it could be extended with so many more options than that it’s having now.

When you start crafting, you just stand there like doing nothing more than picking your nose or grabbing something to drink real quick. You could also queue a lot of items and then running around for more items. Bullets made from metal shards and some gunpowder while running like a madman around killing people while keeping getting the needed ammo. Does it get magically pressed and melted down to bullets? I don’t think so.

What I’m saying is that I can see way more potential value in this game concept than just raiding other people. From here, I made a list of potential ideas to have more objects and more kinds of ”workbenches”

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All workbenches ( level 1, 2 and 3 ) gets replaced with the following replaced workbenches

The kitchen table – For your daily food preparations.

Create a BBQ for adding a ”stove” to the workbench as well the potential option for a fridge. Adding these futures gives the player more space for food storage as well for less chance on burned food once the BBQ gets added.

The lumber bench – For your daily needs in creating chests for example.

We have a small and a large chest and that’s all about it.

These new chests that I want to introduce are known as

  • ” Small chest ”
  • ” Medium chest ”
  • ” large chest ”
  • ” Gun locker ” ( even your guns deserves a place to be stored )
  • ” Secure explosives chest ” ( for explosives and such, you should never lay explosives harmfully in a chest )

Anvil – For grafting hand weapons, metal gear and such

  • ” Salvaged swords, pickaxes, hatchets and such ”
  • ” shovel ” ( ill come back later to it )

The Secure Metal Bench

  • ” guns ”
  • ” explosives ”
  • ” ammo ”

The medic workbench

  • ” large medic kit ”
  • ” batch of bandages ” ( when walking around, u make 1 each xx seconds. At the medic workbench, u make more for fewer mats )
  • ” medic syringe ” ( since when do we need to inject ourselves with gasoline while we also could make a ”strange medic liquid” and replace that with the low-grade fuel Lol )

As I could keep going with naming Workbenches, what more kind of items and options would I like to see to be added?

  1. More additional home stuff. A fridge, a BBQ and chairs.. whoop whoop.. no, I mean the real deal. 1 person bed, 2 person bed, Small table, large table, Even a shower would be great. A couch to sit on with your clan members as what we also have on bandit camp.
  2. More kinds of traps. We have electricity now, so what I think that a ”trap door” ”trap hatch” or other ways of usage for a trap. But also a ”swinging tree with spikes” like the pipe u see in the home alone movie when wanting to walk upon stairs for example.
  3. Generators for cave bases or an ”abandoned mining area” inside the cave that includes these powers across the cave network and that at the building locations a small box is where a fuse needs to be added for a proper power source.
  4. More cave designs. The caves we have now are basic prefabs loaded into the map. Extend the mines with minecarts inside the mine, mine rails going down deep into the ground that you can keep following.
  5. Alerts when a patrol chopper comes, or an event ( there is a mod for it, but this should be a basic thing ingame )

As for that, i also have some comments on the following things on your roadmap

  1. As your roadmap says ” Reducing the amount of farming to a ten out of the full 100% amount. Meaning, if you hit the tree for 50 lumber, you would get 5”…. doing this would bleed the game to its death. The reason? People like to farm for their items as well. I would not increase it, but increasing the chest stacking would be a bit greater. As we have now had a mod active for 5 times stacking option is this way better that experience now than before without it. However, it may be excluded from the cupboard as the cupboard would not be a bottleneck anymore with 5 times stacking amount. But, that’s upon you.
  2.  hygiene as a new option between your hunger and drinking needs. We never wash after a good fight with a stag or boar. We could get sick! Yes, I would love to see that we are even able to get sick, being poisoned from a trap or player that has his arrow darts tipped with snake poison.

This was about it, as i could keep going with so many ideas, i think that this would be a good first start. This game is something everything has but still needs its additional add-ons. From 1 of 10, my rate would be a whopping 12. I know, it’s not possible.. but facepunch did something that was never succeeded before. A damn good game with some damn good time to spend with your friends and crew. I would say, BUY it and try it! Its worth it.


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