Why The Vaiga is the best gun in DayZ 1.09

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When 1.09 got released we got some big changes. And in these changes, the shotgun’s got a buff. As of this update now (1.09), the damage system has been fixed with the pellets. Let’s take a view at the Buckshot, When the buckshot gets ignited it will shoot out 8 smaller pellets.

Now it will get interesting. 1 pellet deals 34 damage (Buckshot). So that means 1 buckshot deals 272 damage. Now, this is a very powerful cartridge. So if you spawn in as a freshie your go-to the weapon will be the double-barrel shotgun, and with double-shot, you will deal 544 damage. So as a freshie you can still be a badass roaming the streets in Chernarus or in Livonia if you are more into wildlife hunting.

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Now we’ll talk about the vaiga. The vaiga is truly the best gun in DayZ at this point of time. With buckshot, it deals 272 damage and burst 1402(1 second) and an average of 707 damage. If you compare it to the LAR there is a big difference. The LAR has chambered in .308 Winchester and deals 110 damage per bullet, and with burst 1100 (1 second) and with an average of 391 damage.
The fastest raiding tool in the game is the Vaiga. But it is loud and doesn’t take a suppressor as an attachment. So the next time you find a Vaiga you might wanna take it.

Writen by our CM – Jagaren


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