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author image by Noize | 0 Comments | September 13, 2020

The progress of the new GamingHQ is coming closer each day. We are happy to announce that we have added Night of The dead as a part of our community. Once they released the dedicated servers, we will be hosting one for those interested to play on it. As we do like to give small little hints when it comes to something new we rather keep it a little secret for now.

What we can tell however is that we are almost finished with the game pages. Deadside is done, DayZ is done and Rust is done, for now, we only have to add 1 more game and that’s: night of the dead. We are glad to welcome this game that recently came online on the Steam marketplace and it is a perfect addon for our community.

While we are working on it, we also work on something else. As planned, we would be making a new map for our rust server. But, as it seems for now. it will not be a new map, but an updated one from the map we are playing right now. We will be adding a few new puzzles underground and we will repair all puzzles again that got fucked by FacePunch again and its aburst changes from time to time.

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Besides that, there might not be much else being added. The AC25 cave bug has been removed and that area shall be redesigned. This also comes for the island where the junkyard is located. We will also remove a few monuments that do not fit our game style. The satellite dish for example or sewer branch. As these 2 are almost never visited, we will be removing them in order to provide a bit more building space for those willing to build a neat base somewhere.

We hope that everyone is enjoying our content. If you haven’t joined our discord yet, make sure you do. This way, you stay updated with the most recent news and updates.

Happy Sunday everyone!




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