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You have been asking for it, why is the discord of us such a pile of a mess. Well, today we have been digging deep into our discord and have made a few changes to it.

First of all, we have removed a lot of outdated sections of parts we are not using anymore. This was because we have been working on our upcoming future of the community. As we are working hard on this, we didn’t have a lot of time redoing the full discord channel. But, as you have seen now, everything looks shinier then it was before.

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You can now just assign your roles in the game rules section, Having these roles will open the doors for the channels we have listed for our community to play on. We do however have a slight change for new members. They will have to accept our terms before they can see everything. This will resolve some of the unwanted messages people are getting.

We want to thank everyone who is participating in this and helping our making gaminghq a place for everyone to be able to join it. We are fully independent and thanks to you, we can keep our content running!


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