Youtuber Warpzy exposed – Stolen vids, hacks, aimbot

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author image by Noize | 0 Comments | January 28, 2020

Youtuber Warpzy has been exposed for using hacks, aimbot and stealing content from YouTubers FaZe Adapt And FaZe Rain. Recently, the YouTuber got busted during a Livestream where several fans of Faze found out that the content he “streamed” was similar to the videos from Faze Adapt.

The YouTuber tried to talk his way under it but eventually comes overboard that he is actually just copying and pasting other people their content but, it’s even getting worse when he adds his own content in between and presents its to be him that’s doing al the shootings. That content is mostly 90% of having aimbot as well for a wallhack.

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This YouTuber Warpzy lost after the expose over 100.000 subscribers and that amount is still raising as of today. He is basically done for, as faking videos results in a worldwide boycott of his channel by its fans.



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